Singapore startups need to identify real business issues

Early-stage founders in Singapore still are unable to identify real-world business problems their startups want to solve. This can hinder their ability to attract funds, especially in a region where investors typically are more cautious about digging into their pockets. Asked about common mistakes Singapore startups make, StartupX’s founder and CEO Durwin Ho noted that […]

We need contextualized solutions to address sustainability challenges across Southeast Asia [Q&A with Durwin Ho for Startup Weekend Singapore 2021]

Durwin Ho is the Chief Executive Officer of StartupX and Director of Startup Weekend Singapore 2021. Startup Weekend Singapore recently hosted Seeds of Tomorrow, a sustainability-focused hackathon that was held from April 23rd to 25th. Seeds of Tomorrow resulted in around 30 ideas, with a common goal of tackling challenges arising from the climate crisis. TechNode Global caught up […]