Insect farming company wins social enterprise start-up of the year at President’s Challenge awards

Insect Feed Technologies won the Social Enterprise Start-up of the Year at the 6th biennial President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Awards (PCSEA) ceremony on Thursday (Dec 2). The company also hired elderly workers who were displaced during the pandemic, providing jobs like farm operators.

Help available for Covid-19 patients with disabilities to recover at home: MOH

Covid-19 patients with disabilities who are eligible to recover at home will be assigned a home recovery care manager, who will link them up with various community services and resources, among other things.

NUS grad rejected Google job and now builds floating gardens

Mr Muhammad Ibnur Rashad Zainal Abidin started an innovation lab for social and environmental good with just $7,000 in seed funds, despite getting a job offer from Google in 2011.

Accredify raises US$2M to combat the rising fake degree certificates issue in education sector

Accredify works with 900+ clients in Asia and Europe, and claims to have verified over 7 million documents so far. Singapore-based Accredify, a company that allows organisations to create and issue verifiable documents, today announced the closing of a US$2-million financing round led by VC firm Qualgro.

Robb Report’s 2021 list of Thought Leaders: Quah Zheng Wei

In Quah Zheng Wei’s wildest dreams, he would be an immortal. “I want to experience different eras and learn about things that I would otherwise not be able to learn in such a short lifespan,” he says.

Climate Changepreneurs Feature – Morgane Soret

“It’s only 1 plastic toothpaste tube…” said 8 billion people! On this episode, we chat with Morgane Soret who is the CEO & Co-Founder @ NOICEcare. NOICE develops effective, all-natural, sustainable oral care products that are good for your teeth & good for the planet, starting with zero-waste toothpaste delivered right to your doorstep.

Prestige’s 40 Under 40: Durwin Ho

While Durwin was an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), he spent a year at Stanford University under the NUS Overseas College programme. It was during his work experience at Stanford that Durwin, who later earned an MBA at NUS, started his journey in tech and start-ups.

The Peak Power List 2021: Oh Chu Xian

A wide-eyed girl running around construction sites is quite unusual. But that was how Oh Chu Xian spent her weekends while bonding with her father and grandfather, who were busy with their construction business that supplied aggregates for roads and buildings. During their free time, her grandparents and she would go around feeding the stray […]

Augmentus raises seed funding to launch its no-code AI robotics programming platform

Augmentus, a Singapore-based no-code AI robotics programming platform, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed investment from Cocoon Capital. The funds will be used to support the launch of Augmentus’s platform and ramp up the hiring process across different roles including software development, business development, and partnerships.

In Conversation with Joyce Tan

“Success is personal and it looks different for everyone.” This perspective led Joyce TAY (Statistics 2010) to take the leap of faith from a corporate career to the unknowns of entrepreneurship. She co-founded StartupX, an innovation and venture enabler in 2018, and has not looked back since.

Temasek Review – Paying it Forward: Mentoring for Resilience

With innovative ideas that can create huge impact on communities, young people hold a wealth of potential. Thus, a nurturing environment and proper support for these young entrepreneurial talents could help their ideas take flight and enable them to reach greater heights. Read on to learn about what both mentors and mentees feel about mentoring, […]

Watch: Insect Feed Technologies Feature

Join the founders of Insect Feed Technologies in this Channel8 News feature as they dive into the process of black soldier fly farming. As part of their mission to feed the world’s population sustainably, Insect Feed Technologies replaces animal feed protein with insect protein, harnessed on a large scale using up-cycled food waste. We are […]

More university students in Singapore keen on start-ups

University students are taking a shine to start-ups, with more joining entrepreneurship and venture capital programmes. An Enterprise Singapore spokesman said that as at end June, over 680 people have taken part in its venture building programme which trains aspiring entrepreneurs with no business experience to launch their start-up.

Here’s how these youths try to make hard conversations about race easier

In a hackathon last year organised by StartupX and the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY) called Mission:Unite, teams were tasked to explore solutions for how to connect people with diverse racial and religious backgrounds to encourage social cohesion. Youthopia spoke to two out of the ten finalist teams of the hackathon to find out […]

Singaporean initiative launches plastic management program for startups in SEA, South Asia

The Incubation Network, an impact-driven initiative based in Singapore, has teamed up with investment advisory firm Sagana for a program that aims to fast-track startups in South and Southeast Asia that apply a circular economy approach to plastic waste management.