Accredify raises US$2M to combat the rising fake degree certificates issue in education sector

Accredify works with 900+ clients in Asia and Europe, and claims to have verified over 7 million documents so far. Singapore-based Accredify, a company that allows organisations to create and issue verifiable documents, today announced the closing of a US$2-million financing round led by VC firm Qualgro.

Jumping on the SPAC Bandwagon: Are SPACs truly worth investing in?

Institutional investors and members of the public alike have been flocking to put their money in SPACs ever since they have re-emerged as the hottest new investment vehicle in town. Chances are, you’ve probably already heard a family member, friend or a coworker proudly mention their new investment in a SPAC. But what does it […]

A SPACtacular Phenomenon: SPACs Explained

Everyone is talking about SPACs.  Indeed, SPACs have been raising money from investors quicker than ever in history. More funds have been raised through SPACs in 2020 than the past 10 years combined – in fact, almost twice as much! At the end of April 2021, SPACs had already raised a massive US$101.3 billion since […]