Accredify raises US$2M to combat the rising fake degree certificates issue in education sector

Accredify works with 900+ clients in Asia and Europe, and claims to have verified over 7 million documents so far. Singapore-based Accredify, a company that allows organisations to create and issue verifiable documents, today announced the closing of a US$2-million financing round led by VC firm Qualgro.

Robb Report’s 2021 list of Thought Leaders: Quah Zheng Wei

In Quah Zheng Wei’s wildest dreams, he would be an immortal. “I want to experience different eras and learn about things that I would otherwise not be able to learn in such a short lifespan,” he says.

Do NFTs live up to its hype?

Stratospheric prices Digital artist Beeple sold the NFT (non-fungible token) of a JPG file for a whopping $69 million. There are plenty of other digital pictures sold for millions of dollars such as CryptoPunk’s computer-generated pixel art of an alien and a picture of a rose by artist Kevin Abosch. The NFT art market is […]