5G: Transforming our lives with these high growth industries

IHS Markit views 5G as a booming market, on par with the steam engine, printing press and electricity, and predicts that its real gross domestic product will reach the size of India’s economy by 2035. How will 5G write the next chapter of the future? 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, […]

Blockchain 101 for Blockheads — What even is Blockchain?

Blockchain 101 for Blockheads — What even is Blockchain? We have all heard of “blockchain”, a term being thrown around like it’s today’s holy grail or Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to the future. Simply throw in the words “blockchain” or “cryptocurrency” into what you are discussing, and you will sound smart and way ahead of […]

How to pick the right tool to build a web-based MVP

Your beloved coffee chat has turned into a Zoom meeting. The store you frequent is now called Amazon. Covid-19 hits us like a storm and forces us to stay home. Our shopping habits and lifestyle have changed. Businesses are forced to go virtual. Over 90% of e-commerce businesses wind up within the first 120 days. […]

Moving forward to the Internet of Things

Inconspicuous to us are billions of devices embedded with sensors communicating with one another, typically through a cloud network. This is loosely defined as the Internet of Things (IoT). For decades, security and privacy concerns have loomed over IoT technology. As the saying goes – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link […]

GETMARKED, the AI startup that could be the catalyst teachers need to live out their own mission

GETMARKED is an AI startup whose mission is to create greater capacity among teachers. Low value and repetitive tasks like marking are automated at GETMARKED so that teachers are able to spend more time on students and higher value aspects of teaching.  At GETMARKED, the marking of paper-based worksheets are automated, where teachers can simply […]

Technology and society – digital divide or digital inclusivity?

Much of the world is struggling with deepening political division, economic inequality and ethno-religious tensions. The growth of the Black Lives Matter movement – the largest movement in US history, and closer to home, the Milk Tea Alliance, are a number of global movements that have risen in response to the growing unrest and dis-satisfaction […]

Singapore startup launches instant rooftop solar assessment tool

Solar AI Technologies has launched a free online solar assessment tool that lets homeowners and building occupants in Singapore instantly find out the solar potential of their roof and how much they can save.