Startups Talk About the HyperSpark Pre-accelerator Programme

What do we have in common with startups? A burning spirit of venture and innovation. Through HyperX, a sustainability-focused hackcelerator we launched in partnership with StartupX, we propel innovative solutions that can help shape a better, smarter and more sustainable world. On a Monday morning in late February this year, over 20 early-stage startups found […]

My opinion on 9 online tools that we use at StartupX

I have read tons of articles that list down a huge number of resources that are supposed to help us work from home efficiently. This makes sense since most of us are working from home now. What didn’t appear as often was an opinion with regards to the tools that were being featured.

5 creative startups driving innovation at *SCAPE Creative Fellowship Showcase

Kickstarted in October 2019, the second edition of the *SCAPE Fellowship, a 20 weeks startup programme jointly organized by *SCAPE and StartupX, was launched to transform ideas into creative businesses.

HyperX: Catalysing Impactful Solutions for a More Sustainable Future

Over 150 like-minded innovators from across the world are here at Suntec Singapore, ideating, hacking and analysing data sets.

45 startup resources and opportunities for women

Here at StartupX, we want women to be empowered, fight bias, challenge stereotypes and improve situations.

Saving The World Has Never Been More Relevant

In this article, Jenni Risku, founder of Women in Tech Asia, discusses the need for market-ready solutions that can help tackle the world’s urgent problems on a global scale.

How I became a creative entrepreneur

Growing up, creative entrepreneurship was not something that was taught.

Haulio CEO Alvin Ea

Driving Positive Change With the Help of Technology

What do we have in common with startups? A burning spirit of venture and innovation. As part of our ongoing HyperX series, Alvin Ea, CEO and co-founder of logistics platform Haulio, shares more about his startup journey and his experience as a mentor at HyperHack.

Lessons from a tattoo artist: What startups can do to be more creative

In 2017, when I was 19 and completing my studies at Temasek Polytechnic, I founded Out & Ink, a company that specialises in temporary jagua ink tattoos, drawn on the spot by our team of artists.

Creativity meets entrepreneurship

Creativity meets entrepreneurship: Why it is the next big thing Singapore needs to thrive

Innovation has always been seen as a key part of entrepreneurship. Learning from the past to make the future better. But we also often forget that innovation is, after all, derived from the spirit of creativity.

Our 2019 Year In Review

As 2020 comes around, we hope to bring in more startup events and programmes to spur on the startup ecosystem and ignite the innovative spark in everyone.

Hacking For The Future

Hacking For The Future

Everyone knows how important it is to get sustainability right. It is closely interconnected with today’s global economy, societies, and the environment at large. Any serious solution needs to take into account a wide range of stakeholders and an even wider range of interests. It’s no surprise then that many see it as the greatest challenge the world has ever faced.

Early-stage Startups: 4 Tips About Accelerator Programmes

Early-stage Startups: 4 Tips About Accelerator Programmes

To maximise your takeaways from any accelerator programme, you must first understand what you want as an early-stage startup. This is crucial because if you are unsure of your goals, you will likely find a mismatch in expectations.

Lioness Literature: The Beginning of a Journey

Lioness Literature aims to bring writers and readers together in the online, not just offline space. We are an online platform where local writers can be paid to publish their work, and where readers can leave feedback on the pieces they read.

What Will It Take To Save the World?

My takeaways from winning HyperHack — The World’s First Sustainability Hackcelerator